Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Playing Hookie

Ev and I had just sat down to start working on articles on the topic bees in the ancient world. We have great plans to submit them to Dig magazine. And then the phone rang.

Who can resist a call to the beach on an unseasonably warm January day?

Not us.

In the spirit of playing hookie that is all I am going to write.


gina said...

Oh my , what a great day!! It is 16 degrees out here- it's supposed to be 10! on Friday. I'd run to the beach if I could. :)

That last picture was so unexpected it cracked me up when I got down to it. All in all, still a great day I bet.

Stefaneener said...

Going to the beach in winter is about the best part of homeschooling, in my opinion. But today is all about public transport and the city.