Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Restaurant of Resourcefulness

Do your kids love to play those alphabet games like:

A my name is Allison and my husband's name is Arthur. We live in Alabama and we sell antiques?

Mine don't. At least, we usually peter out before P my name is Pam and my husband's name is Peter.

But today while waiting for our burgers and Belgian fries (sure, Eccolo has the best burgers in the East Bay, but Luka's Tap Room gives the best total experience, best fries, best game room) we came up with a more captivating alphabet game: names of terrible places.

I'll list them all below, but Crevasse of Certain Calamity is among my favorites, as is the Maw of Monsters, and Zoo of Zombies. We hit silly notes at times with Igloo of Indignity, Orifice of Olfactory Offensiveness and Underwear of Uncomfortableness.

If you try our alphabet game, tell me favorites you come up with. Or you'll be sent to the Netherlands of Nothingness!

Axis of Attack
Barrel of Badness
Crevasse of Certain Calamity
Dungeon of Doom
Entrance to Eternal Exile
Funnel of Furious Fortune
Gallows of Gloom
House of Harm
Igloo of Indignity
Jail of Jealousy
Kingdom of Killing
Land of Languishment
Maw of Monsters
Netherlands of Nothingness
Orifice of Olfactory Offensiveness
Place of Peril
Quay of Queasiness
Room of Rampage
Salon of Sorrows
Trail of Terror
Underwear of Uncomfortableness
Vortex of Viciousness
Whirlpool of Whipping Winter Wind
Xray of X-acto knives
Yurt of Yearning
Zoo of Zombies


Anonymous said...


Firefly mom said...

My favorite is definitely "Orifice of Olfactory Offensiveness"! We've never played this kind of game, but we're gonna give it a shot. Ours will probably be heavily laced with sci-fi ;D

Molly said...

i love these kind of games! i'll have to try and persuade my children to join the fun. they're not quite as keen on word play...yet.

Susan said...

Firefly Mom, welcome! You are making me think it would be fun to do this on themes...Asteroid of Agony...Black Hole of...hmm, my imagination is failing me...Breathlessness? I think this is a good way to generate creative writing prompts.

Susan said...

Molly, welcome! My littlest, Greta, tried to join in without fully getting the idea so she gave us lots of her own lovely irrelevant, non-alliterative contributions like Ruby of Gold and Lemon of Zest.

The Stone Age Techie said...

Definitely, if this game were played in our home it would be your Lemony-Snicket kind of way!
Or, maybe with mathematical references, like Googol of Grumpy Gorillas...
What a great game.

patricia said...

I kinda like the simplicity of the Barrel of Badness. And I agree with the Stone Age Techie--this game has a very Lemony Snicketish quality. Mr. T will love it.

An acquaintance of mine was bemoaning the fact that her son didn't have better reading and writing scores on his PSAT. She asked for my advice on raising them. I really didn't have any advice, since she can't rewind time and read with him more, and enjoy literature and words in general-- which is what I really wanted to say.

Families who hang out in the Restaurant of Resourcefulness are sure to have kids with high language PSAT scores. But of course, that's not why you played it: you played it because it was fun. And that you found it fun is precisely my point.

Kristin said...

First, I wrote down the top restaurants and then I scoured the list for my favorite descriptions.

I liked quite a few...

Orifice of Olfactory Offensiveness
Underwear of Uncomfortableness Vortex of Viciousness
Whirlpool of Whipping Winter Wind
Xray of X-acto knives
Yurt of Yearning
Zoo of Zombies

All sorts of images come to my mind and they are truly terrifying.

Stefaneener said...


I like the yurt, myself.