Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Point

On our way to Berkeley's Jewel in the Sierras we'd passed a sign that said:

Point of Historical Interest

I wanted to see the point, so on our way back I hung a hard left when I saw the sign. We did not immediately see the point, but we saw a sign for the state trout hatchery. It said Open to the Public.

I didn't know what to expect. What we found was an empty parking lot, four long ditches full of trout, and this.
It was scorching hot. There was not another soul in sight. It was sort of like coming upon a pay phone in the middle of the desert. We dug out our dimes and began feeding the fish.

After a few minutes this truck rolled along and assured us we were not overfeeding the trout.
There were little fellows and big ones.
Afterwards we kept looking for the Point of Historical Interest. I kept saying, "We're missing the point!" and "I still don't see the point!" The kids groaned at me.

Finally we found the point. Moccasin Power House. Part of the Hetch Hetchy water system that quenches San Francisco's thirst. The Hetch Hetchy valley is said to have rivaled Yosemite in beauty before it was flooded. So we saw the point.

The girls found this a pointless detour.
They enjoyed the fish, though.


The Stone Age Techie said...

We went to a fish hatchery in the Cascades when we visited Oregon last summer and, while it was not in the middle of nowhere, other than that it was strikingly similar - lots of fish in long, skinny pools.
When I first started reading this post, I thought that the fish hatchery was the point; the other thing was kind of a bonus, so I am smiling because you got 2 points for the price of 1 :-)

Ashish M said...

Did the girls eat the fish?! Was that the point?

patricia said...

I didn't really see the point of this post.

Oh wait, there it was at the end!

Well, at least the trout hatchery boasts a coin-operated fish food machine.

Stefaneener said...

Somewhat pointless, or arbitrarily pointy, I suppose.

Nice fishies. Too bad you didn't have a copy of A Fish Out Of Water with you. . .

Kristin said...

O.K. I get the point already. Seriously, a cute piece.

Susan said...

Karen, yes, and even more so, we found that even when the point was pointless we found something unexpectedly pointy. I understated how much we enjoyed the fish, which was a lot.

Ashish, Evelyn is dying to fish and eat her catch. She'll settle for regular ol' fishin' but what she really wants to do is something we saw in a movie: shooting jumping fish with a bow and arrow. There was no fishing here, though, not even for birds. There are steel wires over the ponds to stop birds from diving in.

Tricia, the fish food machine was the point, for sure. The kids loved it. It was all sort of strange and wonderful, actually. The machine was cardboarded over and I thought it would be empty and we'd be throwing away a dime, but no. It dispensed its treasures and we dispensed them in turn.

Stefani, the kids have been devouring aquarium books. We know have 160 gallons of fish in our house in 5 tanks. No fish out of water now, thank goodness. We did have one that survived jumping out of the tank long enough to dry onto the dresser top. I put him back in (with some damage to his stuck fins) and he survived.

Kristin, thanks!