Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This Comic Interlude Brought To You By...

We were camping this weekend. The kind of camping where you have to bring your own water and the toilets are the pits. In other words, pit toilets.

A friend's son said he preferred the smell of the rotting sea lion on the beach to that of the outhouse.

So I take Greta in there. I have visions, however unreasonable, of her falling down into the pit. And I have to...jump in after her to save her from drowning? Let's not think about it.

She assures me I can release the death grip on her arm, she is ok. I stand nearby trying not to breath.

After a few moments:

Greta: I love this bathroom. (sighs) I wish we had one like it.
Me: What do you like so much about it?
Greta: (indicates railing for disabled) It has this bar I can hold on to. And it has a window...(looks up, pauses)...with flies on it.
Me: (I burst out laughing....I can't help it)
Greta: (indignant) What? I like flies! They're cute.

This is from today. We're home from camping and packing to leave again tomorrow.

Greta: (very sad) My friends in my imagination won't play with me.
Me: Why not?
Greta: (after deep sigh) They're on vacation.

From a few weeks ago:
Greta: I had a horrible nightmare.
Me: What was it about?
Greta: All the princes in the world died.
Me: (sensing where this is heading) So there was no one left to marry?
Greta: (sadly) Only normal people.

See you next week!


Kat said...

Greta's a gem. Definitely a good way to start my day! I especially love that all the imaginary friends went on vacation. Priceless.

Christine said...

Greta always makes me laugh.....Hopefully we will see you ladies this weekend :)

The Stone Age Techie said...

Greta is so funny! "Flies are cute..."
Enjoy your weekend :-)

tara said...

i think i love Greta!
we had a similar conversation just yesterday-
me- "boys, please shut the door when you guys come in. there are so many flies in the house right now!"

finn "i like when they land on me and tickle my skin. I'm leaving the door open."

it's all how you look at it :)
i love peeking into your blog.

Anonymous said...

Love it! How cute!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

I love it! I am really enjoying your blog. :) I will be linking this post on my homeschool blog. Have a great day!


Kristin said...


Do you remember all the funny things your kids say or do you write them down? I'm impressed at how much you keep track of what they are saying. Their statements reflect their personalities so well and they are fun to read.

Anonymous said...

LOL what a cutie

patricia said...

She is such a funny little alien. I mean, at least we *know* she's an alien, so we can justify her love of pit toilets.

We camped when I was 7 months pregnant with L, at a site with pit toilets. H always liked to take his time going to the bathroom, especially when he had to, ahem, sit. Pit toilets did not dissuade him in the least. He'd just sit there for twenty minutes at a time, chatting away. It was one time when I played the pregnancy card and claimed I was not up to accompanying him.