Monday, November 2, 2009

Tricks and Treats

We pulled some tricks on the grandparents this Halloween.

Little did my mom know when she came to visit for a week that she would be kept in third world sweat shop conditions, sewing night and day, fed only cappuccinos until the big night.

Ok, it wasn't quite that bad. And Ev and Clem sewed and cut quite a bit.

Here are the results: Clementine the anglerfish.

Evelyn the venus fly trap.
Aren't they a treat? If you notice a very subtle quality difference between the older girls' costumes and Greta's leopard shark costume it's because I made Greta's, except for the tail, which my mom made.
My dad joined us for Halloween, too. And handed out the treats at my sister's house while we all trick-or-treated.

Here's was Greta's trick for Grandpa.

Greta: Grandpa, what are you going to be for Halloween?
Grandpa: A grouchy old man.
Greta: No! You can't just be yourself.

What Tricks and Treats did Halloween bring for you?


Barbara said...


Did you have amazing halloween costumes as a kid?

Stefaneener said...

That's it. I'm returning your DVD and then we will continue on in our parallel universes, where your children are amazing, scientifically adept things for Halloween and mine just find old clothes. . .


patricia said...

Ha! So Greta was not a poison fairy after all! I think you should be quite proud of that leopard shark costume. I mean, the anglerfish and the venus flytrap costumes are simply remarkable, and none of us should be held up to those standards!

I especially like the shape of the leopard shark's cute little snout.

The Stone Age Techie said...

Those costumes are awesome! The flytrap is so intricate, and the angler fish is just amazing... and so is the leopard shark.
I love that your Mom helped out, when my Mom comes to visit me she usually ends up helping make curtains, or re-upholstering our dining-room chairs. Big projects that I'm afraid to start, but that we have such fun doing together.

Happy Halloween, looks like you all had a great one!


Kristin said...

Those have to be the best Halloween costumes made for children ever! I would never undertake such a task. Ever! The photos of the angler- fly trap fish are really cool too. I especially like the white background. The leopard shark outfit is adorable; no need to fret about it.

Susan said...

Barbara, we did have some amazing costumes, though I don't know that any reached quite this level of complexity. My sister was a lion tamer when she was 4 and I, 2, was the lion in a cage my mom made on our wagon.

Stefaneener, you crack me up. I did end up feeling we were doing PR work for anglerfish because no one seemed to know what they were. There was the occasional "Oh yeah, that fish from Nemo".

Tricia, yes we went to a class and she refused to put the poison fairy costume on and then I saw that the writing was on the wall. I shot the leopard shark from its best angle. :) Greta was pleased with her costume and that was good enough for me.

Karen, my mom and the kids had such a good time working together on their costumes. And they learned a lot. It really was an intensive sewing course. My sewing machine broke down from the stress, though.

Kristin, my favorite part of the anglerfish is the glowstick at the end of the dangly thing, but I could not capture the costume at night. So much time was spent on these costumes that I am trying to figure out how to reuse them. The kids are doing a mummers play and I'm thinking that instead of St. George and the Dragon it could be St. George and the Anglerfish. Why not?

Christine said...

Greta always cracks me up :)

Molly said...

my goodness those costumes are incredible! the anglerfish is hands down the best costume i've ever seen.