Friday, February 5, 2010

Fever Dreams

Greta is sick this week. I have swapped guilty admissions with moms on the upside of fever and lethargy.  You can get a lot done.  They huddle in your lap so sweetly.

I was not particularly effective this time 'round because the lethargic days were preceded by restless nights with a hot little body pressed against my back, with that little bird heart hammering away, and restless scaly bird legs clambering up and down my side.  There was coughing and moaning and vomiting and hot compresses for an aching ear and doses of motrin.

On sick days our screentime scruples go out the window.  Greta's filled her days with back to back episodes of How Earth Was Made.  After her ear stopped hurting and bloody pus (she calls it puss) poured out we headed to the doctor.  She regaled the doctor with stories of the formation of the Marianas Trench (Doctor (not our usual doctor): "I've never even heard of that!") and Mount Everest.

When we got home it was time for the complete classic Winnie the Pooh.  When that was over I said, "Let's do something else.  You must be so sick of watching TV."

To which she said, "Oh no!  It has always been my dream to watch this much television." 

We put in Cinderella. 

I guess sometimes dreams really do come true.


Stefaneener said...

Sad and so so sweet. I hope the drugs do their miracles and she's back to being all good soon.

The Stone Age Techie said...

That sounds like something Luke would say about watching television :-)
I hope she's better soon, and nobody else gets it.
The pus/puss thing reminded me of when I was 7 or 8, and I was looking for the storybook 'Puss in Boots,' only I called it 'Pus in Boots' because I had only read the title and never heard it spoken. My parents gave each other a look of horror at the thought of pus in boots! - and then explained why. Funny the things you remember from so long ago.

Wishing you a fever-free weekend,

Carolyn said...

Oh la pauvre Greta! Hope she is feeling back to her usual self soon and that the rest of you manage to dodge this virus. Sounds like a doozy. And Susan, you are truly Fenomomal! Writing and hosting a writing support group AND caring for a sick hot body. Hope that the rest of the weekend includes feverless snuggling.

maria said...

: ) again

M. Gabrielle said...

Aww, poor Greta.... That sounds just like something she'd say. :) Hope she feels better!

gina said...

Aw. So bittersweet. Hope she is up and well again soon!

Anonymous said...

lol "dreams do come true"... hope she is feeling all better now!

JeaneP said...

Seems all have recouped - so let the games begin - snow fort building, downhill skiing, snow creature sculpting, bobsled track building etc! See you all soon! JP