Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Pinnacles of our Camping Trip (and a Valley or Two)

  • Climbing rock pinnacles
  • Sleeping under 3 down comforters and being toasty warm even when it is 27 F out
  • Making bad coffee with 4 different coffee makers
  • Funny hats
  • Sleeping in bunkbed cots
  • Finding wintering ladybugs and an arboreal salamander and red-legged frogs
  • Climbing through caves with headlamps,
  • Playing games around the fire
  • Sticking both of Greta's legs into one leg of her pajama pants (she slept all night that way)
  • Spotting California condors and yellow billed magpies, spotted towhees and acorn woodpeckers
  • Failing to take a good picture of the condors
  • Whittling snakes
  • Getting the bandaids and ouchless antiseptic wipes when you accidentally whittle your finger
  • Floating bags over the campfire
  • Cooking bacon over the campfire and toasting toast
  • Touching moss
  • Sitting on a rock with a friend you haven't seen in while.


AM said...

Bacon over a campfire ... mmm-mmmm!

dish56 said...

Hey, I'd say that looks quite a bit better than shopping with the throngs on Thanksgiving weekend!

So many beautiful photos.

I'm especially intrigued with floating bags over the campfire...

Stefaneener said...

So lovely. It sounds like quite a trip. The bags look like something mine would like.

Have you ever tried to make a little frame to hold flaming material under a trash bag? Sounds like something fun to do. . .

Susan said...

Floating the bags was my dad's idea. Diaphanous fruit and veggie bags float best, but they burn if you get them too close to the fire. The best ones went up 40 feet or so.