Thursday, February 19, 2009

Studies in Yellow

After looking at lovley photos in yellow on Wonderfarm and House at Hill Road I thought I'd give it a try.

The kids were making Dark Chocolate Covered Candied Citrus Peels. Evelyn taste tested orange peels and declared the ones fresh from our tree to be superior.

From the top we have denuded grapefruit (the kids did not follow the directions about juicing the fruit). Then you see them dipping the candied peels in chocolate. On the bottom left are candied peels, and on the bottom right is candied Clementine.

I sent the girls out for an hour of fresh air. Clem was inspired by my yellow photos and asked for the camera. Here she captures evidence of men and nature at work. I like the saw hiding from the rain beneath the plastic. Evelyn took the one of the capped wires looking like electric daffodils.


patricia said...

Oh! All those yellow photos look fabulous together! I love the combination of the mundane "men at work" yellows and the natural ones. And how fun that your girls got into it. Makes me want to go take more!

gina said...

It's amazing that such a strong color is soabundant in every one's lives when you take a closer look.

J.G. Wilder said...

I'd like to hang your yellow montage on my wall. And I don't even like yellow!