Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Sword is Mightier Than the Pencil

Clem was not so interested in sorting these words with the "er" sound into columns according to the way the sound was spelled.
She was dragging her feet (pencil?) so I thought a snack might help.

I delivered a bowl of pomelo chunks with a plastic sword to eat them off, because, hey, everything tastes better on the point of a sword.

After a few minutes I realized that Clem was not eating the pomelo, though her hand kept moving back to the bowl. No, she was writing the words with the sword in pomelo juice.

When she was done she baked her paper in the oven.
"Sir" was the only legible word.

But I am pretty sure these words left a clearer mark in her brain than if she had slogged through them unhappily in pencil.


AM said...

Invisible ink!? Straight out of The Famous Five!

Helen said...

Hi! I literally just stumbled upon your site -- I think we've met before last year at Marina's house? Small world -- great blog!


randi said...

This is great! What a fun way to learn!