Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Child of the Forest

A lot of rain has yielded a lot of mushrooms in the woods.

We found this Amanita on a recent hike.

This morning Greta warned us that she was a poisonous mushroom and not to touch her.

She reminded me of a couple favorite books.


patricia said...

With that haircut and that dress, she looks adorably mushroom-like.

(I love that haircut. It's just what I'm going for with my own--but it doesn't look nearly so cute on me.)

Barbara said...

I think Greta and Anna may be kindred spirits--that's just the kind of thing I can imagine Anna saying.

And from that picture, it looks like they also have exactly the same haircut!

JeaneP said...

Greta matches the mushrooms on the first books cover in top and color to dots! See you all soon. Mom

Helen said...

Ha! I think it was just yesterday I was a poisonous mushroom and warned my family not to touch -- hee hee..much better today!

I love it -- out of the mouths of babes :)

Susan said...

Patricia, I think the cut is very cute on you with an edge of sophistication that Greta, for some reason, lacks.

Barbara, I think they must be--Greta always asks to play with Anna when she sees her picture on your blog.

Helen, ha! I'll have to try that. Poisonous things get respect around here. Evelyn had probably a year (4-5) when she was poisonous. She had to wear brightly colored clothing, preferably striped, to scare off predators.

Toni said...

what a beautiful mushroom looks like Alice in Wonderland. Thats great she knows which ones not totouch.