Saturday, March 28, 2009

Daddy's Little Girls

Ev and Clem were hard at work this week embellishing a corporate logo. Since their Dad works at at the company, I didn't mind too much.

They were participating in Doodle4Google: designing a doodle for the Google homepage on the theme What I Want for the World. It was neat to hear what they wanted for the world and see how they creatively altered and embellished the Google logo to express those ideas. I'll post their designs when the contest is over (I wouldn't want to accidentally disqualify them as I didn't read the fine print).

Greta had to get in on the act. "How do you spell Google?" she asked. I gave her a black and white printout of the logo and the above is what she did. She knew the colors of all the letters in the logo! I had to go to the homepage to check. I asked her how she knew which colors to use.

With cheerful exasperation: "I just remembered!"

The winner of the public Doodle4Google competition gets her doodle displayed on the Google homepage for 24 hours and a $15,000 college scholarship. Alas, daddy's little girls are not eligible for the public competition. But they sure have had fun.


Kristin Sherman Olnes said...

What an interesting way for your girls to learn. I think their process sounds fascinating. I also like how convenient you've made it for us to buy a book you recommend. That is so helpful.

Susan said...

It is funny to me how much the kids love and are devoted to Google on their dad's behalf. Ev and Clem wear their Google shirts constantly. Greta wanted me to make a stencil out of her drawing and silk screen it onto a shirt! The idea of a homemade Google shirt seems so absurd.

Stefaneener said...

: )
Maybe you could have them make daddy a homemade shirt!

It is kind of nice knowing a good man who works there.

gina said...

Fun that they see the process for how things like a logo happen. :)

JeaneP said...

What a cool contest - look forward to seeing their entry.