Friday, May 28, 2010

Radio Days

Evelyn had a treat today--hearing herself on the radio!

A few months back reporters from the California Report interviewed her and other kids about survival skills they were learning at Trackers.

I was sitting at park day today when a friend came up and said, "I just heard Evelyn on the radio!" Then my phone rang. My brother in law had heard it too.

So we caught it at 6:30 when it was rebroadcast as we were driving home. Click on the California Report link above and you can hear it, too. Maybe Evelyn is destined for fame like her great grandma, who starred in Radio Days with Woody Allen.

Ok, she actually had just one line. But it was a good one.


AM said...

Evelyn understands the 3 Rs! (REDUCE, Reuse, Recycle.)

Stefaneener said...

Very very cool.

Carolyn said...

Well done, Evelyn!

Kristin said...

I just listened to the radio show and really enjoyed it--especially after watching Food Inc. last night.

The contrast between the big factory business model in the Ag industry, as well as many others, and the at the local level, the move towards sustainability is shocking.

Thank goodness kids like yours, who are so incredibly smart, are learning an alternative model, which ironically is being learned by abandoning technology and examining how past cultures made stuff using available materials.

I recently encountered a teenager who was afraid to hold one of our week old fluffy yellow adorable chicks--and yet she was perfectly comfortable texting. (In this case, technology has superceded this teen's compassion towards nature.)

More kids need affordable access to the outdoors and like Evelyn says, the idea that "you don't need a lot of junk or gadgets to make stuff" or to have a good time.

Thanks for sharing.

td said...

Thanks for the link! Fun to hear about yet another wonderful learning experience you've given your kids!

Actually, Evelyn seems to have had 2 lines! She's very well spoken as always!

Really fun to hear her on this program! (I've often listened to it when I'm driving but had missed this particular program)