Tuesday, September 28, 2010

17th Category

I just had to create a new category (see previous post): Live in My Bedroom
It is a very hot night here and we have all the doors and windows open hoping for a breeze.
Instead we got a bat.  Live in My Bedroom.
I just spent half an hour with a field guide and I have no idea what species this bat is.
I grabbed my camera and snapped these shots and then we turned on the outside light and turned off the inside light.  And I am secretly relieved that this bat is now Live in Native Habitat.  But I am even more pleased that I got a couple of good shots.  And that the girls ran from their beds--too hot to sleep--and got to see it.  This project would be a whole lot easier if all of California's mammals would just troop through our bedrooms.  You hear that mountain beaver?  And you bighorn sheep?  And you fisher?  Open invitation.  Oh and as a matter of courtesy a nametag would be nice.


Kristin said...

No way! Too weird. Perhaps it echolocat(ed) off of a mosquito that went into your house.

At one time I would have known what kind of bat that was; I heard once that there is only one large bat species in our area (CA brown bat is my guess).

The great thing about spending time in nature is that you can't control it and you never know what you're going to see. I think its hard to set out with an agenda or an expectation of seeing wildlife, because when you don't, it's disappointing. Have patience and your mammal sightings may occur; it may take a lifetime. I'm still waiting to see a mountain lion in the wild. I'm pretty sure they've seen me.

Susan said...

Kristin, I think you are right--the big brown bat! I'm going to count it--the tail looks right (nude interfemoral membrane), the ears and face look right, the color I thought was too dark, but it turns out that forest dwelling big brown bats are dark. And it was definitely big. I did not check the incisors or keel (!) but I'm going to go with Big Brown Bat.

Kat said...

I think 'Live in your bedroom' is preferable to 'Dead in your bedroom'


OnceAnEngineer said...

Best way to get a breeze going is to close all windows, except for a fan blowing out at one end (through a cutout - so no "wasted space"), and a single window open at the other end.

Then again, maybe you prefer to offer an open door to your mammalian visitors.

Susan said...

Kristin, oh, and actually I never feel disappointed, though I guess I portrayed it that way on the blog. I love having a project--it lends a treasure hunt quality to our every outing--but I also enjoy the snakes, trees, blister rust.

Amy said...

Dracula! Got any weird nocturnal humanish neighbors?;-)
Love the adventures so far.