Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Greta!

Today is Greta's 6th birthday.  A few days ago we had this conversation:

Me: What do you want for your birthday?
Greta:  A surprise.   (Witheringly)  That is why you wrap presents.  So it is a surprise.

She never fails to surprise me.


Amy said...

Happy birthday Greta - such a wise one!

patricia said...

Yes, happy birthday!

Brace yourself for those withering looks, mama. She's a force!

AM said...

Wow. Six years of charm and funnies already? Happy Birthday, Greta!

Carolyn said...

Joyeux anniversaire, Greta!! Wow. Six. Amazing.

Bisous de Carolyn et Sam

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Greta!

I just typoed Greta and got Great, btw :-)

Homeschool HIstorians said...

Thank you all for you birthday wishes for Greta. I am so behind on blogging--writing and reading. Hope to catch up with all of your blogs soon.

toni said...

YES, Greta is GREAT (what an anagram for her name!) and so wonderfully precious in the best possible smart sense!!

Can't believe she's really 6 now, though of course she's really an 'old soul' in so many ways, it shouldn't be so surprising!

hugs to you all!

Kristin said...

Happy Belated Birthday Greta Darlin'! Goodness how time flies, eh?