Saturday, February 12, 2011

To A Cabin

Here is
a different state of being
where a morning cobweb becomes a fairy handkerchief
where I can lie against sand and stone
Face the rim of the globe
Feel waves wash over me
and crisp breezes refresh my skin
Listen to children's laughter like blowing bells
Watch dogs race the beach with numb joy
Know "freezing quiet" (Anne says)
Smell the spices of the season
(it is early spring now)

I awaken
by the ocean
in a cabin
gazing seaward
To A Cabin II
Margaretta K. Mitchell


Kristin said...

I've been waiting for you to post--wondering what you and your girls have been doing in the kitchen, but now I see--you've been out in the most spectacular scenery on the Pacific instead. Lovely photos and your new header is exquisite.

Karen said...

Oh, I can feel the wind, and the sun, and surf coming through in this lovely post. From the land of ten-foot-snow banks, thanks for the breath of fresh air!

Susan said...

Kristin, boy have we not been in the kitchen! I hardly remember my home. Hope to see you soon!

Karen, we've finally gotten some "winter" weather here--rain and hail, but what a glorious week we spent on the coast in February. I was so glad to find that poem on the cabin wall because then I didn't have to try to express it myself. The last day the kids found many sand dollars on the beach. I have rarely felt so rich.

td said...

What a stunning place and your photos are fantastic as always, wow!
Boy would I love to rent that place sometime!!
Hope to catch up with you sometime in the next month...
(Howie's pizza was amazing!)

td said...

Stunning photos of a stunning place, Susan!!!
Would love to go there someday...!
Looking forward to catching up with you in person again.
(Howie's Pizza was amazing)