Friday, February 18, 2011

Greta's Gruesome Dreams

Greta: Every night my dreams get more scary and gruesome.
Me: Do you want to tell me about your dream?
Greta: Well, there was this teacher and she was yelling at me and she was SO MEAN.


Amy said...

once again, morning snort of coffee while laughing courtesy of Greta.

I meant to ask, where are the coastal cabins you posted a while ago?

Susan said...

Amy, :) They are at Steep Ravine in Mt. Tamalpais State Park. They become available for dates 6 months in the future on the first of the month. So on Mar. 1 they'll be accepting bookings for September. They get snapped up very quickly. The only downside, and this pertains to the campsites more than the cabins, is the poison oak. It completely surrounds the paths and tent sites, but not the cabins.