Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Comedy of Errors

My life is often a comedy of errors, but in this case I am referring to The Comedy of Errors. The one by Shakespeare, you know, the pen name of Christopher Marlowe.

Evelyn's Shakespeare class performed today. She was Duke Solinus. I think her favorite line is, "I think you are all mated or stark mad!"

Greta loves to play 20 questions. Our games are a comedy of errors, all mine:

Greta: Think of something.
Me: Got it. I'm ready.
Greta: No! You have to think.
Me: Think, think, think. Ok, I'm ready.
Greta: You have to scratch your head.
Me: (scratching) Ok, I'm ready.
Greta: Is it an animal?
Me: Nope.
Greta: No, it has to be an animal. We're doing the animal section.
Me: Ok, it is an animal.
Greta: (exasperated) No, I have to ask you.
Me: Go ahead.
Greta: Is it an animal?
Me: Yes.
Greta: Is it extinct?
Me: No.
Greta: I want an extinct animal.
Me: Yes, it is extinct.
Greta: Is it a T Rex?
Me: (changing my strategy) Yes!
Greta: No, it is supposed to be a coelophysis.
Me: Oh, you got it, its a coelophysis!
Greta: No, I have to ask if it is smaller than a T-Rex.
Me: Ok.
Greta: Is it smaller than a T-Rex?
Me: Yes.
Greta: Is it a coelophysis?
Me: Yes!
Greta: I got it!

If I am guessing I narrow it down to a category of animal, say, crayfish, or hummingbirds. But I never get the final question because for some reason I have never heard of the species. If I'm guessing crayfish it could be a Pink West Australian East Marbled Crayfish, for example.

Today I failed to guess the Red-Boobied Hummingbird.

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Stefaneener said...

Sounds weirdly like my house. The kids are walking around with Fred wrapped in a blanket, and instead of scratching them, he's purring loudly. Perfect cat.
Earlier, I just gave Tor specific directions:
"Take a newspaper bag from the bag of bags, put one frozen rat in it, seal the rat bag up and put it back in the freezer, put the bag with the frozen rat in it in the oven -- DON'T TURN IT ON -- and just let it sit there."

He looked at me and said, "For my snake?"

I thought, "No, for your lunch, what do you think!!"

Heee. It's always fun. Cat was singing letters out loud, "G, N, L, P, I'm missing GNLP. . . Tor found my Q, Maaaa maaaa,
I'm going to doooooo somethiiiiiiiiing. I'm
dooooiiiing it, That's what I'm saying." So funny.

You guys should come over and play 20 questions with us. We have new weapons.