Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Man Ate the Chocolate

Nanowrimo is here, so everyone is typing and scribbling. Evelyn is gloating that she has written 908 words and I have only 769 when I am supposed to have 1,666 from yesterday and be well into today's 1,666.

Even Greta is writing. She dictated this story to her Gran.

The Man Ate the Chocolate
By Greta

There was a piece of chocolate called Hersheys, but it is called milk chocolate. But its name is Hersheys. Hersheys was talking to a pumpkin and a cat bit off his head.

Then a man said to the cat, "Don't eat that chocolate. Because I want to eat that chocolate."

Hersheys put on a new chocolate head and the man ate him all up. He was gone now.

But the pumpkin rolled on and on. The man catched the pumpkin and wen tto his home and carved the pumpkin. It was Halloween! He put a candle in it.

He lighted the candle so everyone could see the alien face. Then he got a plastic pumpkin and went trick or treating. He knocked on everyone's door and he got candy.

They were surprised to see a man. He said, "Thank you and Happy Halloween, Tree House!"

The End

Evelyn set a goal of 12,000 words.
Clementine set a goal of 1,000 words. She wrote 200 today.
As a grown-up I don't get to choose my goal. So 50,000 for me.

And I can't count blog entries.

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patricia said...

50,000 words in a month? Holy sheep dip. You people are amazing. Posting more than two blog posts in a week would be an accomplishment for me.

I loved Greta's story. I, too, would be surprised to find have a man trick-or-treating at my door. Especially if he called me a Tree House.