Thursday, October 22, 2009

Old Man Sea

In a park you might grab a kid's hands and swing her around. In a flash you've got a crowd, waiting. In the pool you might throw a kid. Every kid wants to be thrown. Over and over. You get tired. They don't. And you think, will they ever get tired of it? You suspect not.

I now have proof.

Old man sea is the rough and tumble strong guy who never tires of tossing, throwing, bouncing, rolling. He never tires, and, amazingly, the kids don't either.

Left to right Iain, Sasha, Mike, Evelyn
Over 3 days the kids spent 8 hours riding, ducking, swimming, running, getting knocked down, bowled over, and every time we had to drag them out.

I love the pic below it looks like Clementine is alone at the beach. Actually that wave is breaking on Mike. See him in the middle? And behind the wave and in it are at least 14 other people. Clem just had a big ride, but she's hitching up her drawers and heading out for another one.

Our friends' daughter Anya zipping in.
A dad and old man sea make a great pair.

The waves at Brennecke's Beach are so crazy you can't capture them in stills. You never know which direction they'll come from. Outgoing waves meet incoming ones in huges splashes. Ricochet waves sweep the beach from right to left.

Thirteen seconds into this video you'll see Clementine enjoying the crazy water. She zooms into the picture from the right, riding the outgoing wave, then turns and rides an incoming wave with Sasha.

We still have 4 more days to play with Old Man Sea, the guy who doesn't mind doing the same thing over and over again for thousands of years. Maybe one day we'll get out at dawn and stay till dusk and see if the kids ever do tire of his games.


The Stone Age Techie said...

How in heck you manage to put up such great posts while you are still away, I will never know - but I am so glad you do!
Looks like you are all having an excellent time, keep hangin' ten! (If anybody still says that anymore... :-)

gina said...

Looks like a fabulous trip!!

Kristin said...

Old Man Sea--a fitting name.

Enjoyed the close-up action footage of boogy-boarding and the sound of the surf.

Wish I were there too.

Anonymous said...

I too am fond of Old Man Sea. what fun!