Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Queen's Bath

We have been to this natural swimming pool on the lava bench before and heard tales that it is dangerous, but now a plaque with a death tally awaits visitors at the trail head.
Signs posted every 30 feet warn of the hazards. You can see 3 of them in this picture. The final sign is accompanied by a life ring.
There was even a woman standing on this bluff overlooking the pool who told us about a boy who'd been paralyzed. Awful, but we were undeterred.
Isn't it gorgeous? Ok, I was nervous, despite having been here before, and knowing that the surf was small today, and that we were not going to stand on the rocks near the ocean or swim near the little channel by the ocean where the waves come in and out.

But Mike was completely unmoved. So in we went. There are only a few different kinds of fish, but the water clarity is unsurpassed.

Convict tangs and some silver fish we did not identify.

Surge wrasse.
Racoon butterfly fish.

Mike holding a brittle star. It is amazing how fast they move. Watch till the end, it is not that long.

It really is a place worthy of royalty. And also worthy of a healthy respect and caution. Sad to think of the 28 people who came out for a dip here and never went home.


Stefaneener said...

See? That's the kind of sign that has made me willing to get a large, hairy, drooling dog. It's going to be Newfoundland time here. I can't go to the beach without it.

I'm glad all wa wel and you enjoyed yourself.

Barbara said...


Anonymous said...

How about now? Relaxed yet??

Susan said...

Stefaneener....really? When are you getting your Newfoundland?

Barbara...:) It is an amazing place.

Jennifer, yesterday we neither skirted 1000 foot drops, nor swam in death traps and it was...very relaxing. Ahh.

Kristin said...

I would have gone in too, but still been a bit worried.

I like the video footage, such a weird creature.