Friday, May 1, 2009


Evelyn took up knitting earlier this year and has been knitting away like crazy. She knits in bed, in the car, on the couch while reading. She's knitted two hats for Clem, one for Greta and one for herself, a bag for her knitting, a bag for my cell phone and two stuffed lambs for Clem and Greta.
And now she is well into a fine looking sweater. She is trying it on at left. Ev's made a lot of progress on the sleeves since I took this photo.

A friend was giving away a pottery kick wheel and, not knowing what I'd do with it or where I'd put it, I took it.

We had some friends over to try it out, including my friend over at Reading While Knitting (from whom Evelyn learned to knit and to read while knitting. Though she enjoyed the help of other knitting moms at park day, too, including my friend at Wonder Farm).
I'd like to get a few more days in on the wheel before we leave for our history trip. One of my memories of Colonial Williamsburg is watching the potters effortlessly form inkwells.


AM said...

Very cool looking hats!

I expected the two threads would come together with a concluding picture of Evelyn knitting while using the pottery wheel, but ... it was not to be.

patricia said...

Wow--Evelyn is an amazingly prolific knitter! And her sweater looks fabulous! What the heck will she be knitting when she's in her 40's?

And when you said you were going on your trip, it somehow seemed so far off. You're leaving in days! I am so excited for you--I'm sure it will be a trip of a lifetime. We've done a lot of traveling with our kids, and those trips are some of our very best family memories. But we've never taken such a long trip. How incredibly special. I sure hope you find internet on your travels--I can't wait for the updates!

Stefaneener said...

We're going to miss you!

I love the pictures of the kids' hands. And Ev's hats are lovely; I haven't seen them. Take some pictures of her hands knitting too -- when she's our age, she'll love them.