Thursday, May 21, 2009

Memory Pot and Wishbone Doll

Here are two colonial crafts to try out. Sorry my photos are so bad. A delightful docent rushed over to us at the DeWitt museum to tell us to go right to a thrift store and get an old plate and then to the hardware store for putty. And then as we travel we should affix odds and ends we gather to our memory pot with the putty.

I love this idea because we know what to do with the scraps and what to do with the photos, but what to do with seashells, the flattened pennies and so on? Now I know.

We'll be making these when we go home. Wishbone dolls. Just a wishbone and wax to make the doll, and fabric for the clothes.


patricia said...

Oh, I love the idea of a memory plate! I will definitely keep that idea in mind! What a wonderful trip you're having--can't wait to keep following along vicariously.

Susan said...

I love the memory plate or pot, too. I hope to hunt up a thrift store today...we have shells from Cocoa Beach, Jamestown, and Yorktown, flattened pennies from Kennedy Space Center, broken nails from Jamestown...and more piling up every day.

Stefaneener said...

Why the pin? Is it a wishbone voodoo doll? The plate sounds wonderful, and exactly what you guys need up on one of your gorgeous walls. What a great way to remember a trip.

Susan said...

The pin was holding the clothes together! I do like the idea of a voodoo doll, though. This is an x-ray of the doll.