Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jamestown Journal

Jamestown Settlement
Armor--metal for protection against the Spanish, but thick batting in quilted cotton was good against Native American arrows.
The girls had made burn spoons this year. The canoe was just a very big burn spoon. They got to scrape out the charred parts with clam shells.
They each learned to tie a knot.
I'm all tied up in knots because I feel like we are just scraping the surface of everything.

Even so I try to remember that we need time to just play in the sand. I liked sitting here, too. The vista across the bay was green and almost empty of buildings. After the recreated Indian Village I could almost imagine what it was like to arrive here in 1607. And after the facts have faded, that feeling, for me, and for the kids,I hope, will endure.


Kristin said...


Why are you all tied up in knots? Just make your own memories good ones. After all, once you've organized the trip, you just have to let go and see what happens.

It's happening all right. That view from the beach was spectacular. I can see how you could imagine yourself back in that time when seeing pristine land all around you.

You'll never know what they will remember until years from now when they will bring up their random memories, which will be totally different from yours.

Sorry for sounding preachy, but I just want to say something to loosen your knots!

Susan said...

Kristin, I'm laughing--it was after reading your post on your trip to Belize that I started tying myself in knots about not having done more planning. Thanks for chopping the Gordian knot. You are right. You never know what they will remember...if anything!...all the planning in the world can't change that.

Stefaneener said...

It's almost impossible to dig in in a short amount of time, and remember, the kids will get what they get. You never know what is sticking and what sliding right off, that is, until they startle you with something six months from now.

Evelyn, on the other hand, won't forget anything.