Thursday, May 14, 2009


I hope to post about Kennedy Space Center later. Several people kept asking the kids if they wanted to be astronauts and they always said no. I was saying me me me I do! The films and presentations were so inspiring. But no one was asking me. Rats.

I am just popping in to say I have NASA stickers and envelopes. If your child would like to receive one in the mail send your child's name and address to

Thanks to those of you who have stopped by to say hello! It is so nice to hear from friends on the road.

Tomorrow we go back in time to 1565 to the founding of St. Augustine.


AM said...

Please don't write off your astronautical dreams. John Glenn was 77 for his most recent trip. Assuming adulthood as the basic requirement ... you're a third of the way through your eligibility. When your book is published, Houston will be fighting off the Russians for the right to take you up.

J.G. Wilder said...

I second that. :)

Did you see any cool graphic timelines about space exploration in the Visitor's Center at Kennedy? My brother did those when he was working for a "themed entertainment" company. (Education? No! It's themed entertainment!)

Susan said...

You are right! Maybe I found the idea that it was impossible convenient. It is a little scary. They show the beach house where the astronauts rest before leaving. it is isolated and beautiful. One woman astronaut talked about grieving for the earth before she left, knowing it would be months before she'd be back.

Stefaneener said...

Did you see the space camp episode of My Name is Earl? Heee.

I'm reduced to leaving silly comments because you're doing so much. I've been thinking of you listening to the news about the shuttles.