Monday, April 13, 2009


Candles+beeswax+raw eggs+dye = stained hands+waxy floor+eggy floor+hours of fun


Barbara said...

oooh, I so want to do that next year!

Susan said...

It is great fun--really absorbing. Some years I stay up hours after the kids go to bed working on several eggs at a time. I've been doing eggs this way since I was my kids' age but I only discovered the high quality pysanky dyes (which make the eggs inedible) a few years ago.

Stefaneener said...


I still haven't blown them out.

I love the meditative quality of doing it. Of course, in my OCD way, I'm annoyed at not producing professional quality work RIGHT AWAY.


Susan said...

Stefaneener, you left an egg and Evelyn marvelled at your beautiful script (or was it Clem?).