Sunday, April 26, 2009

Recipe for Homeschooling

I've been thinking for a while about my recipe for homeschooling. It seems that as someone who is Homeschooling in the Kitchen I ought to have a recipe. One problem is that it is not clear to me what it is I am trying to cook up. Are my kids destined to be beef stew or friable architectural desserts of spun sugar?

Cooking with the kids since October has made me realize that I am much better with stew

than sugar.

I'm a good improvizational cook but that I don't do so well with finicky recipes. I don't like to shop for the right ingredients. I want to throw open the fridge and the pantry and make do with what I find there. This doesn't always work out so well with airy fairy things like the meringues below.

And I hope my kids aren't fancy souffles because I am sure to slam the oven.


When it comes to homeschooling I've decided I'm like an ancient Egyptian baking bread. I make sure to stir in the essentials, I leave the batter to catch what is floating around in the air and occasionally accidentally knock in something heady and unexpected.

Then I mix it all together and hope for the best.


Kat said...

I think my kids are goulash (with cheese on top). :)

Fun post.

gina said...

I love it! We are like, mmm... pizza! A little bit of everything for everyone, best anytime of day- hot or cold and on the go.

How exciting is that trip you are planning! Fabulous!! Have fun. :)

Stefaneener said...

The end of the year almost always prompts "how did it go?" reviews, huh? I think you're pretty sweet, sugar or not. It's lots of fun homeschooling near you.

patricia said...

I love your analogy. Seems like maybe recipes are sort of like curriculum--too much fuss and not what you're after.

I think I tend to homeschool the way I cook--I actually do like to follow recipes. In fact, I stick to recipes more than I should. But with homeschooling at least, my kids jump in the mix and throw in all kinds of weird ingredients and tell me, figuratively, to get my nose out of the book.

They're great--if sometimes infuriating--teachers.

And I'm sure your Egyptian bread will turn out amazing.

Susan said...

I love all your visions of what you are cooking--goulash (with cheese!), pizza (day night, home or on the run).

Patricia, your comment made me think of In the Night Kitchen, or homeschooling as one big (brain) food fight.

Susan said...

Patricia, you hit the nail on the head with curricula and cookbooks.

My shelves are filled with both, but I use them for inspiration rather than prescription. What is in them never quite works for us as is.

Kristin said...

We are a lot alike with regards to cooking and curriculum. I like things to be intuitive and I'm not fussy either. I like to improvise, which doesn't work with all recipes. What I enjoy is that you are always trying something new and interesting.