Monday, April 6, 2009

Talent Show

As it turned out, Greta was not on the stage all by herself. She wanted to do a play. And since her rhyme was a dialog, she gave Clem half the lines. It was short and sweet (if you think shooting polar bears is sweet).

Greta: Hello, hello, hello, sir.
Clem: Meet me at the grocer.
No, sir.
Why, sir?
Because I have a cold, sir.
Where did you get the cold, sir?
At the North Pole, sir.
What were you doing there, sir?
Shooting polar bears, sir.
Let me hear you sneeze sir.
Kachoo, kachoo, kachoo, sir!

Maria (see comments to last post) came up to her and said something like, "You were fantastic!"

"I know!" Greta said. I just love the uncomplicated way small children accept praise. I also love that she wanted to wear a hat so that she would look like a "sir" but wanting to look like a "sir" was no way going to stop her from wearing a frilly dress.

After the show was over all Greta would say was, "Why didn't I get to hold the microphone!"

A true diva in the making.

Here are Ev and Clem and friends singing The Country Life. Ev is taking deep breath and Clem is holding up her hand to tell everyone how long to hold the Oh! in Oh! I like to rise when the sun she rises, early in the morning!

Oh!  I like to rise when the sun she rises,
early in the morning
And I like to hear them small birds singing,
Merrily upon their layland
And hurrah for the life of a country boy,
And to ramble in the new mown hay.

In spring we sow at the harvest mow
That's how the seasons round they go
but of all the times choose I may
I'd be rambling through the new mown hay.

In winter when the sky's gray
we hedge and ditch our times away,
but in summer when the sun shines gay,
We go ramblin' through the new mown hay.


AM said...

Have I mentioned how amaz^H^H^H^Hhard-working your kids are?!

Can you post a video of the show?

J.G. Wilder said...

What incredible sweeties they are! Oh, the hat! Keep up the good work, Susan.

Susan said...

AM--that's my kids--hardworking, hardplaying and harddrinking. Well, maybe just hardplaying.

Jennifer--the hats are from our beekeeping suits! I thought they looked quite a bit like pith helmets. Oh wait, I just checked and they are pith helmets. I guess they keep the bees from pithing you.

Kristin said...

It is obvious that your daughter's are thriving. I enjoy reading about each of their personalities. It's a wonderful on-going story.

AM said...

I remember learning in high school psychology that children really benefit from receiving unconditional love and affection during ages 0-2. I think Greta's self-confidence is a sign that she got just that.