Saturday, April 4, 2009

Why Don't I Get To...

Greta has been jealous of her big sisters lately. Why don't I get to go to the big kid Tracker class? She's not old enough, and she does go to Trackers Tots. Why don't I get to have a sleepover? She creeps into my bed every night so she's just not ready for a sleepover.

When Ev and Clem and friends were practicing a play in Latin for a history fair she said, "Why don't I get to do a play?" It is so hard to be the littlest by five years. She's just not ready for all the things they do.

At the event the big kids did their play. They had a grand time. All the kids came from all their booths to watch. Then it was over.
The audience drifted away and the actors left the stage. Greta found a piece of silky fabric and began to dance. Her dancing caught the eye of the preschool kids outside. They crowded at the doors.

She realized the kids were watching her...

...and really started to ham it up.

Then her audience of little girls drifted away. She ran towards them saying, "Where are you going?"
Just then a group of little boys ran up and she resumed her happy dance.

Soon after we were talking about what Ev and Clem would do for the talent show today. Greta started right in, Why don't I get to... I thought of her dance for the kids and the joy she took in her performance and thought, she is ready for the talent show.

Today she'll be standing on a stage all by herself reciting a rhyme. If the rehearsal is any indication--she said her poem and then stared out at the kids waiting to rehearse their acts with a huge grin on her face--she's ready.


gina said...

What a huge step- how exciting!

Nickname unavailable said...

Susan--Greta's Hello Sir rhyme was so perfect at the talent show--she's a charmingly meticulous talker! And I am reminded of the first words I can remember ever hearing her say while her sisters played with their friends and you were talking to me and busy in the kitchen and she was just toddling around amongst all of us---"I talk, and no one listens.."

At the talent show, everyone listened!

maria said...

sigh...that was me, unknowing in the ways of google..

Kristin said...

This is such a nice story Susan. It's neat how you witnessed and explained her needs, and how you helped her act up upon them.

patricia said...

How sweet that her whole show unfolded at the history fair, without most of us who were there even knowing it had happened.

I'm glad she got to perform in the talent show. Our kids are so smart about what they can do--and they're lucky when they have moms like you who listen and help them realize their hopes.