Monday, October 6, 2008

Aaaargh! Lunch!

"I'm getting dressed. You have five minutes to find something you will eat and put it in your daypack. Then we are walking out the door."

Getting out the door at 8:30 is a challenge for us. Clem ok'd frozen edamame beans and milk for her lunch but turned down everything else I tried--plattar with ham and cheese? Plattar with cheese? Plattar with honey? Grapefruit with honey? Hey, there is a fruit she'll eat even if someone else picks it. But only when adorned with the fruits of many bees' lifelong labor.

She dug around and found some 5 seed almond bars. A meagre lunch, but she didn't seem bothered.

They had a great day at Trackers. They visited a cave and tracked a raccoon to a bathroom where it had dug in the trash can. This reminds me of a This American Life episode about a dad who quits his job and takes the kids dumpster diving. When starving in Europe I ate all sorts of things I'd never have touched if I had a choice, like rotting bananas I found by the side of the road. I have fantasies about taking the kids on a camping trip for a few weeks and bringing only things they hate (and I like, of course---someone has to enjoy the trip!).

It is October so Gregoire has a new menu. We'll be ordering out tonight. After opening a can of worms about the casting for Evelyn's Shakespeare I have no energy left for opening any other cans or chopping or shopping or inviting the kids into the kitchen. Maybe I'll invite them to choose something from the menu.

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