Monday, October 27, 2008

Honey Haul

This is most of the honey.

Clem ran one jar over to our neighbor across the street who has an orchard behind his house. He lets the kids pick his raspberries and apples and tomatoes. He attributes his big crops this year to our bees.

And there is still honey draining out of the tops we took off with the hot knife.

And the kitchen is still sticky. The floor, the chairs, the counters, the walls. Honey is Super Sticky. But Hot Water, Honey's nemesis, will save the day...a little later.

After my second cappuccino.


BaldIndian said...

Happy Birthday to me?

patricia said...

I love your labels! It looks like they each have different sayings on the bottom, but I can't quite make them out. Darn--but most charming!

stefaneener said...

Oh, so wonderful! I'm so excited about your haul. Next spring we can do it again -- together!

I like your labels. I've got to consider that. I'll go out and tell the girls all about it -- think they'll get excited and make plans to make a lot?

S said...

The kids alternately picked jars. Ev chose all the regular ones and Clem and Greta chose the unusual ones. Ev made the labels on the computer. There is a different bee factoid on each jar. Clem is making hers on an as-needed basis. Greta dictated one label--the little one on the top of the stack. It says Little Girls' Baby Bees.