Monday, October 6, 2008

Saucy Hot Meat

Clem says she likes saucy hot meat, so she chose the Traditional Beef Bourguignon over orecchiette pasta. Evelyn chose the Marinated Tombo tuna kebab with lemon cream sauce. This is an attempt on her part to avoid taking fish oil supplements. I chose the butternut squash & mushroom in puff pastry with mascarpone. Greta chose crispy potato puffs and chicken dinosaurs from the freezer.

Clem ate all the orecchiette pasta, but not much of the saucy hot meat. Greta ate her potato puffs after screaming, "I don't like that kind! I don't like that kind!" before looking in the box and then, after seeing them, "I love that kind!"

We are listening to Tuck Everlasting in the car. May Tuck just killed the man in the yellow suit because he was going to tell people the secret of the spring that makes people immortal. We talked about what it would be like if people could live forever. Angus Tuck wishes he could die. He laments being off the wheel of life, stuck like a rock in the current of life.

Scientists are working hard at lengthening our telomeres, curing diseases, and growing replacement organs. I read about a piece of mouse fur that grew on its own. It grew so well that it was growing out of control and had to be killed like some Hell Toupee. Anyway, we talked about how the ability to cure diseases and regrow organs wouldn't mean that we'd be unkillable like the Tucks. We'd still be vulnerable to falling anvils. Evelyn suggested that we create an ultra safe and secure brain bank. Our brains would be in the bank and our skulls would house a transceiver that would wirelessly connect our bodies to our brains.

Maybe someday. For now our best hope is to eat our veggies. (Lame attempt to return subject of blog to food. I don't even believe it.)

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