Saturday, October 25, 2008


Halloween is almost here.

If your kids don't have a costume yet I found a great way to get a free fireman hat.

All you have to do is get some beehives. Then make so much smoke when you are taking out your frames to harvest the honey that the neighbors call the fire department.

When the fire truck comes your child can try to explain about smoking the bees.

Fireman: Are you having a barbecue?
Child: We're smoking our bees.
Fireman: But are you having a barbecue?
Child: We have a smoker, we smoke the bees with it and it makes them calm.
Fireman: (After a pause) Are you having a barbecue?

You come out and help out with the explanation. Then if your firemen are as nice as ours they'll give out free hats.


But not as sweet as the honey.

The kids are over the moon. The whole house is sticky. When you harvest honey you can use some exciting tools. First, as previously mentioned, is the smoker. But then there is the hot knife. Who can resist a knife you plug in. It slices through the comb just exactly like a hot knife through wax.

Next is the extractor. Crank the handle and the honey spins out of the comb.

Finally there is the spigot on the extractor.

Evelyn said, "I really need something savory after all the sweet I've had today!" I made a zucchini, prosciutto and feta pizza. Ev refused to help: too busy with the honey.

I held my breath. And, after years of hating pizza, Ev liked it. Turns out she really doesn't like tomato sauce. If only I had known. The take out we could have savored.

Honey is sweet, but enlightenment is sweeter.

Oh, scratch that.

Honey is sweeter.


patricia said...

Wow, honey extracting--how exciting! I keep saying this is the winter I'll do my research and we'll get bees in the spring, but I worry that my garden gets neglected as it is...I'll have to chat with you at the park, and see how your first year as beekeepers has been.

Renting an extractor looks like the way to go!

And the scene with the fireman is hilarious. Sheesh.

Stefaneener said...

Were these the bee-hating neighbors? Such fun.

Did I tell you about worrying that the paramedics would get called during Thing 2 and Thing 3's births? Whee, good times.

Dipankar said...

Really fun read, and awesome pictures!

Chris said...

and tastes great! Thanks for the honey toast last night, and the trains ;)