Wednesday, October 22, 2008

American History Cookbook

The Amazon Two-day 1-click button is a dangerous thing. Lately I have been coping with its seductive powers by checking if the library has the book. If it does I click Request instead of Two-day 1-click.

Well, the library did not have The American History Cookbook. But I will in 2 days. If only the cooking were also 1-click.

We're ostensibly doing American History. This means that I have made the kids watch two lectures on American History in the Teaching Company's American History for High School series. I am disappointed. There are no maps or photos that accompany the lecture. We did find out that natives ate the explorer
Giovanni da Verrazzano while his brother watched. Exciting. And each lecture is just 1/2 hour. We can use it as a springboard for further investigation.

Like cooking period foods.

However, we won't be cooking
Giovanni da Verrazzano.

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stefaneener said...

: )

I try to read cookbooks from the library too. You know, if you want to feel really virtuous, you can interlibrary loan them. . .

But if you've got the space for more books, why not?