Monday, October 20, 2008

Trial Mix

What is wrong with me? I resolve to cook zucchini with the kids and instead I invite them to concoct their own trail mix out of nuts (two kinds!), marshmallows and chocolate chips (two kinds!). I don't even put out raisins because they don't like them.

I am hoping it will make Mike's hike with them more pleasant. They are a little tired and cranky and a bit of shamelessly sugar-filled trail mix makes the climbs go down easy.

The netting over our pumpkins has utterly failed to deter deer, but it did entangle a little female goldfinch sparrow(?). Evelyn and Clementine freed her.

I am posting the photo of the planet organics box and vowing to do something with its contents today. Is zucchini bread a cop out?

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