Sunday, October 5, 2008

Come On In!

Homeschooling in the Kitchen

I admit it--I'm one of those moms who shoos the kids out of the kitchen. Even so, I wasn't surprised that sending kids out is one of the 6 Food Mistakes Parents Make according to Tara Parker Pope's NY Times Health Blog. I know my kids are more eager to eat the food they help choose and prepare. My darling Clementine despite being named after a fruit will not eat any fruit she has not picked herself from the tree or vine. Greta has a typical toddler's limited diet. So I have decided to invite them into the kitchen.

So far results are good. Clementine chose to make fettuccine bolognese for dinner. She loved preparing it and ate it. She's a big tomato product kid, so I wasn't terribly surprised. Greta helped me make oven fried chicken. I got the recipe off the Bisquick box but we threw turmeric into the batter because turmeric is one of the 11 Best Foods You Aren't Eating. The babysitter reports that the kids ate Greta's chicken.

Friday we made bagels. Ok, bagels are not a hard sell with kids. But making them was a lot of fun and by altering the recipe we got to have the kind we have always wanted to have but never found--whole wheat poppy seed! The kids used a bottle with holes for shaking to put a urine-test-failing quantity of poppy seeds on every bagel.

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Stefaneener said...

The wonderful thing about inviting them in is that some day, you can exit stage left and just show up for the eating. That's the reward!