Sunday, October 19, 2008


See Greta's egg cup? Clementine made it from air-hardening clay and gave it to Greta to paint. It does make the kids even happier to have egg and soldiers, but soft-boiled eggs with toast were already a hit in the family.

I realized all of a sudden that I am intentionally refraining from challenging their palates. I don't want to fail. Even though the steak and green beans were a huge success I am not going for it.

So I took a photo of my planet organics box and vowed to have the kids cook everything in it. So far we've juiced the oranges together and Clementine peeled herself a carrot. But the zucchini are in the fridge bin getting less fresh by the day.

There were some small victories. Greta likes bread and peanut butter, but not peanut butter sandwiches. I let her spread the peanut butter on the bread, and, voila! it was an acceptable combination.

A couple days ago I had a dinner of baked chicken, acorn squash with brown sugar and pecans, and spicy cole slaw planned. The kids all eat chicken. Ev and Clem like the acorn squash. So that leaves the cole slaw. I call Clem into the kitchen. I bought bags of already shredded red and green cabbage at TJs. So I have Clem chop cilantro, juice limes, sprinkle cayenne pepper, vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper. I chop the red onion. Almost holding my breath I say, "now we've got to taste it for seasoning. See if it needs more lime juice or salt and pepper."

Clem says, "I love eating what I make. I mean...that is the whole point of cooking. To eat what you make. Right?" She takes a big pinch and eats it.

"More salt and lime," she says. She salts and limes.

She didn't eat it when it was served, but who cares?

What am I waiting for? The zucchini is calling.

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